Q: I see your tailgate panels are 15mm taller then you side panels, why is this?

A: We make our tailgate panels 15mm taller so the tailgate sits just below the floor level. this creates a smaller gap between the two preventing any fine objects like sand and soil from escaping.
Please see images below for examples
Trailer Panels

Q: I’m thinking of buying some of your panels but im not sure how they will fit together. can you help?

A: Sure, everyone has their own way of building a trailer, we’ve designed our panels with what we think its the most common and strongest way to build a box trailer in mind.
The 3D image below gives you a great idea of how our panels fit together. if you have any more questions please feel free to “Contact Us”

Full Trailer

Q: You sell three different lengths of tandem mudguards, why is that?

A: Our main two sizes are 1660mm and 1830mm. Altho every trailer is different we tend to find 1660mm suits slipper suspension best, and 1830mm suits rocker suspension best.

Q: Im a trailer manufacture, can i get a discount?

A: We have great systems and offers in place for trailer manufactures and parts wholesalers.
Please send us a contact form with as much info as you can and our customer relations department will be in touch with you.

Q: I cant see a kit in the size i need, can i order a custom sized kit?

A: Sure, you can either peice together a kit yourself. or contact us and we’ll help you peice it together.


For more information for your next build please read the National Code of Practice for Building Small Trailers.
“Download Here”

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