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Welcome to TrailerPanels.com.au 

by Samin Sheet Metal Pty Ltd

Discover how Trailerpanels.com.au can help make your next project that much easier!

Trailerpanels.com.au is the online platform for all your trailer accessories including panel, mudguard and components, manufactured by Samin Sheet Metal.

At Samin, we have been in the sheet metal industry for over 40 years and have been producing our very own style of Trailer components for almost as long. With three generations of the family involved in our business, tricks of the trade have been passed down for decades to ensure all of our customers receive the same ripple-free, high quality mudguards and ribbed panels you’ve come to trust and love.

Ripple-free mudguards you ask?

The trademark design of a Samin mudguard is their ultra smooth finish – no nick and fold finishes with sharp edges here! No tacky welds to break, just smoothly finished mudguards to compliment your trailer and not to mention, the extra strength added by our exclusive design.

Next are our Panels…

They might look simple but these panels can take a beating. All made in 1.6 or 1.55 material, the dual, triple, or even quadruple rib design really adds to their overall strength. With tailgate, front and side panels all made to different profiles, they fit together perfectly – no shortcuts taken here.

So now you know a little more about what we do and how we strive to provide only the best products for our customers, how are we going to help you get there?

With TrailerPanels.com.au we’ve made purchasing your trailer components quick and easy, so you’re just a few mouse clicks away.

In-store and from day one, we’ve had more than 200 different trailer kits available for customers to choose from. Don’t need the whole kit or perhaps we don’t have the size you need? No problem! You can pick and choose every part of a trailer kit to suit your design.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, simply email us your trailer plans or send an inquiry through via our website and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to help you with your project.

From all the team here at Samin Sheet Metal, we wish you the best of luck with your project and we’d love to see your photos when it’s completed. You never know, we might even show off your workmanship on our Blog!

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